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Befeler Group is a privately held real estate investment firm with headquarters in Coconut Grove, Florida that focuses on acquiring and managing multi-family, office, and hospitality properties with strong real estate fundamentals primarily in the State of Florida and other states in the southeast United States. We specialize in purchasing and enhancing well-located assets in urban cores with significant upside value-add potential. Our business plan and precise investment strategies optimize profitability by applying a hands-on approach to maximize the potential revenue from each property while exercising expense management techniques acquired over many years of experience.

Befeler Group has established a leadership position in the markets where it operates within the State of Florida by focusing on properties that are sufficiently large to produce targeted economies of scale, but not so large to directly compete with private equity and other large real estate investment institutions.

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Services: Property Management
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Property Management

The Befeler Group manages multi-family and office properties throughout South Florida. We provide full services such as tenant screening, rental inspections, rent collection, maintenance, and evictions. We ensure that there are prompt responses to owners, residents, and others. Tenant satisfaction is of the utmost priority and The Befeler Group ensures a safe, open, and quality environment for each of the communities it serves.

Services: Asset Management

Asset Management

​Each Befeler Group asset is continuously studied and monitored for revenue maximization, expense mitigation, risk prevention, compliance and capital planning. Befeler Group’s scalable, hands-on, process oriented and technology-focused approach towards asset management results in enhanced asset quality, higher tenant satisfaction scores and lower turnover all while increasing profitability.

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Real Estate Investment

Befeler Group focuses on acquiring and managing multifamily, office and hotel properties with strong real estate fundamentals throughout the State of Florida. We specialize in purchasing and enhancing well-located assets in urban cores with significant value-add potential. Our business plan and precise investment strategies optimize profitability by applying a hands-on, process oriented and technology focused approach to maximize the potential revenue from each property while exercising expense management techniques perfected over many years of experience.

Services: Real Estate Investment


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We strive daily to enhance the living and working environments of the people we serve by improving their homes, offices, and communities. We utilize every resource available to us and dedicate our time and capital to fulfill these goals. Our risks are carefully calculated to achieve these objectives and benefit those we serve.

We try to seek out opportunities where our resources, time, and service can make a notable contribution to our communities and residents. We particularly value efforts with a long-lasting ripple effect, where one action triggers an entire waterfall of reactions, and the ultimate impact can change entire streets, neighborhoods, communities, cities, and the people that reside in them for the better. We work towards this on a daily basis, and this is where our passion lies. By applying our efforts in the pursuit of these goals, we have the opportunity to transform lives.

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President, CEO

George Befeler is the Founder and CEO/President of Befeler Group, a vertically integrated real estate investment and management organization headquartered in Miami, Florida. Under his leadership, the company has completed more than $200 million in real estate transactions, over $100 million in acquisitions, and over $150 million in residential real estate developments since 2005. George brings over 40 years of hands-on experience in all phases of purchasing, developing, repositioning, and disposing of multifamily and office properties throughout the State of Florida. Befeler Group’s portfolio comprises of a significant number of multifamily apartments, multiple condominium properties, as well as several office buildings in the South Florida area. Under George’s leadership, Befeler Group continues to aggressively pursue additional acquisitions of properties that present significant upside opportunities and fall within the strategic parameters of the company. George serves as director and chairman of the loan committee of a five-star (as rated by Bauer Financial) national bank with offices in Miami, Florida. George is a transactional law partner of the law firm of Homer Bonner Jacobs Ortiz, P.A. located at the Four Seasons Tower in downtown Miami. He has over 35 years of legal experience in corporate and real estate transactions. Moreover, George has served as Director and General Counsel for the Salvadoran-American Health Foundation, a non-profit institution serving the needs of the less fortunate in the country of El Salvador. George received his law degree in 1983 from the University of Miami School of Law. In addition, George completed the Masters of Laws (LL.M) Taxation program at the University of Miami School of Law in 1984. George received his undergraduate degrees in Business and Construction Management in 1980 from Florida International University. George was born in El Salvador and arrived to the United States as an immigrant at age 16.


Vice President

Mark Rosencwaig is the Vice President of Befeler Group. Mark leads the organization’s financial and expansion strategies, implements policies and procedures, and dictates company standards. Mark is responsible for asset acquisitions, dispositions, and capital market analysis. Prior to joining Befeler Group, Mark was a Senior Analyst with BridgeInvest, a private lender focused on short-term financing solutions for commercial real estate assets. At BridgeInvest, Mark underwrote over $4 billion of transactions and was directly involved in the firm’s deployment of over $100 million of high-risk high-yield loans. Prior to BridgeInvest, Mark worked as an Acquisitions Associate with Moncler Capital Partners, where he developed and implemented the firm’s analytic acquisitions and asset management platforms while managing over $150 million of multifamily acquisitions. Mark graduated from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel Administration and a Minor in Financial Real Estate.



Sofia Toro is the Director of Commercial Real Estate Operations and Management with Befeler Group. Sofia supports and develops asset management initiatives for asset types including multi-family, office, and hotels. Sofia reviews and optimizes property performance and cost control initiatives. Additionally, Sofia also conducts financial underwriting and due diligence for prospective acquisitions.  Sofia holds her Bachelor of Business Administration in International Real Estate and a Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida International University.  Prior to joining Befeler Group Sofia was involved in transacting Real Estate as a Broker focused on residential investments totaling over $25M in asset transactions.


Operations Analyst



Tenant Relations

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